West Boise Little League Umpires


Umpires are a required element of almost every Little League® game and one of the most difficult positions for a league to fill. Our umpires are selected by the West Boise Little League Board of Directors including the Umpire in Chief (UIC). West Boise Little League umpires are required to be certified and attend training, which is provided by Little League®. A valuable resource is now available Free at LittleLeagueUmpire.org.



WBLL provides umpire gear including mask, chest protector, leg guard, ball bag, plate brush, red flag and indicator. In addition, WBLL provides umpire jerseys, plate hats, field hats and umpire patches.



The appearance, attitude and conduct of the umpire is critical to success of the game. The umpire’s behavior should always be positive when interacting with the players, managers, coaches and parents. Under no circumstances should the umpire ever use inappropriate language or interact negatively with the players, managers, coaches or parents.


Safety and Rules

Think SAFETY! Your role as an umpire is very important in providing a safe and enjoyable environment for the players. Adherence and enforcement of the rules helps protect the players, coaches and spectators from unnecessary injuries and issues.


For more information about becoming an umpire, please contact the West Boise Little League UIC.

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