Player Safety

At West Boise Little League, safety is our primary concern. The safety of our players is everyone’s responsibility. A copy of our safety plan can be found here.


Below are some highlighted safety rules we emphasize to all coaches, parents and volunteers.


For Players


·         No metal cleats (Majors division and below)

·         No sliding head first, unless retreating (Majors division and below)

·         No warm up swings for on deck batters (Majors division and below)

·         No batting doughnuts

·         No jewelry (medical alert bracelets are acceptable)

·         Players must always wear batting helmets when batting or running bases in games or practice

·         All offensive players must stay in the dugout if not at bat or on base

·         All players warming up a pitcher must wear an approved catcher’s mask, mitt and cup

o   Catcher’s mask must include a dangling throat protector

·         Collisions should be avoided at all cost

o   Click here for more information and rules related to collision

·         Baseball pants or long pants should be worn to all practices and games

·         All baseball players should wear a cup, regardless of position, to practices and games


For Coaches


·         Conduct a safety inspection of the field prior to games and practices of:

o   Fences

o   Field

o   Equipment

·         Contact the appropriate league official if a safety risk is discovered

·         Pitch from behind an L Screen during batting practice

·         All equipment should be properly stored in dugout or storage cage – no equipment should be left on the field

·         If there is lightning in the area, the electronic lightning detection system will sound an alarm

o   Suspend games and practices immediately

o   Stay away from metal fences and dugouts

o   No one should hold metal bats

·         The West Boise Little League provided first aid kit must be present at all practices and games

·          If an injury does occur, complete the accident report form and submit to the league Safety Officer within 24 hours


For Parents


Click here for the West Boise Code of Conduct.

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