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Volunteer Opportunities!

West Boise Little League is an entirely volunteer-based organization that depends on your help to make the t-ball, baseball and softball season a memorable event in your son or daughter’s life. We understand your life is busy, but please take the time to help make the Little League experience a fun and rewarding one. Depending on your availability and preference, consider the following opportunities:

Head Coach   Manage team practices, team volunteers, games, etc.  Each head coach will require one or two additional “coaches” to help in the team practices and games. 

Assistant Coach – Assist head during team practices and games.  Works under a head coach to help make sure players, equipment and facilities are well-prepared and organized.

Umpire – The regular season has a certain number of games per level, with a split of home versus visitor. The home team provides the behind-the-plate umpire and the visiting team the field umpire. Each team needs to recruit three umpires for a total of about 5 games per individual per season. Umpires are required to attend training classes.

Pre-Season Field Preparation – Preseason field prep is a very important need requiring those who like to be outside working! The season for this starts in November and runs all year long in the form of 'game/field prep'.

Opening Day Volunteer – Opening day is usually a half day event. One or two individuals from each team are asked to volunteer to help for one of the partial shifts during the event.  This volunteer position will require, at most, a two-four hour time commitment on the scheduled day of the event.

Pre-Game Field Preparation – Prior to each game the home team prepares the field by placing bases, chalking the lines and batter’s box, raking rough spots in the field. At the conclusion of each game, the visiting team removes the bases and drags the field.  If you are planning on attending most of your players games, this may be the volunteer position for you.  Requires just a few minutes before or after the games.

Safety Parent – Safety parent duties include bringing the team first aid kit to each game and reporting any accidents. Usually one parent is required for this team position.  The safety parent will also need to attend a one hour first aid training hosted by the WBLL Safety Officer.  If you are planning on attending all of your players games, this may be the volunteer position for you. 

Team Parent – A single volunteer for each team disseminates team information regarding practices, volunteer schedules, keeps team web site current. 

Score Keeper – The home team for each game provides an official score keeper in the official scorebook. The team also keeps a scorebook for use by the manager and coach.  If you are planning on attending most of your players games, this may be the volunteer position for you. 

Pitch Count – The home team also keeps the official pitch count for both teams.  If you are planning on attending most of your players games, this may be the volunteer position for you. 

Snack Shack – Two individuals from each team are expected to volunteer to help at the Snack Shack, at least one game day per season; approximately three hours.  The volunteer can help on their child’s game day or on a different day/evening.

Assistant Team Parent – Responsible for handing out and gathering team forms, picture packets, etc.  Approximately a four-hour time commitment.

For information on any and all of these volunteer activities, please contact WBLL Info Officer.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Applies to all divisions :

  • A total refund will be given upon request through the last day prior to the start of tryouts.
  • If injured, a total refund will be given upon request at any time through the end of tryouts.
  • A 50% refund will be given upon request between tryouts and Opening Day.
  • After Opening Day no refunds will be given.
  • For those that registered online, WBLL is not able to refund the processing fee, regardless of when, or why, a refund is requested.

Insurance & Safety

The Little League Insurance program is designed to afford protection to all participants at the most economical cost to the local league. It can be used to supplement other insurance carried under a family policy or insurance provided by the parent's employer. If there is no other coverage, Little League Insurance, which is purchased by the league and not the parent, provides benefits for all covered injury treatment costs up to the maximum stated benefits. If a child suffers an injury during Little League practices or games, please contact the message center for filing information, and advise the Manger or Umpire of the injury. Reporting of accidents has a time limit, so PLEASE REPORT IT PROMPTLY.

The batting cages at various fields are for the use of Little League. Players must wear a batting helmet and use the "L" screen when using the cage. If there has been vandalism to the cage, please contact a board member and refrain from using the cage. If your child is abusing the cage, i.e. climbing on it or using it in an improper manner, we will not be responsible for the injury. If you see an unsafe condition, or witness an unsafe act, please notify the board IMMEDIATELY. Help us take care of our facilities and equipment. This helps keep your child safe.

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